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Monday, May 08, 2006

Virii: Macs vs PC ... Who are You Going to Pickpocket? Army Ranger or Fat Tourist?

When it comes to viruses, Macs are the equivilient of a First Lieutenant, US Army Rangers. If you picking someone to rob, picking on a Mac is like trying to rob a First Lieutenant, US Army Rangers. You will wind up lying on the street bleeding and wondering what the hell hit you - in one case literally and in one case figuratively. That's why hackers - like pickpockets and robbers take one glance at the defenses and posture - and moves on ... ... To where the fat tourists are napping while their camcorder sits by their engorged stomachs - and their bag is at their feet and the passport half falling out. By the same measure - hackers are like pickpockets - they are lazy and will go where the pickings are easy. Why try to take on someone or something that will just kick your ass and make you look stupid or will you go to where your victims are defenseless and napping? I don't have the crime stats in front of me but I'll bet in places like Ft. Bragg, US Army Rangers are rarely crime victims - so it's not a matter of sheer numbers but how vulnerable you are. As a Mac user since 1986 - there was a virus in 1987 where my Word file got corrupted headers - man what an inconvenience, I had to open and copy my text out to a new doc - that's the extent of the worst virus on the Mac since 1987 ... Almost TWENTY YEARS AGO ... PC users - what's the record on the your side? Can you match that? Why is it the fat guy with shorts is always complaining about crime - while you don't hear much complaining from an Army Ranger? SAME REASON as a Mac. It's just too much damn work. Is it possible? Sure. But why risk an ass-kicking when you could just grab a camcorder and out-run your pursuer in 15 seconds? Why are PC's used as zombies? Why do PC's have over 10,000 CRITICAL calls of security and over 100,000 overall? Because it's on vacation, it's sunburned, it's sleepy, it's out of shape and it's easily confused. Hey, to each his own but just don't complain when someone else is in shape and can kick your ***. As for the new Apple ads - specifically the "virus" one, note that the "Mac" does not say he is impervious to virii, only that there are over 114,000 known virii but "not for Macs," and it's true - those PC virii do NOT affect Macs ... There is a difference in saying that versus saying Macs are impervious.