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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

iPhone: Your In-Car Touchscreen Music Jukebox ... and Just the Beginning ...

In all the cries of what's in - what's not in and who's going to be suing whom, people have sort of skirted over the fact that you no longer need to rip apart a MacBook and add a touchscreen to create an in-car jukebox.

Attach a Mac Mini somewhere in your vehicle. Create a mount for your iPhone. Plug in the iPhone USB connector to your Mac Mini. You have iTunes for music, photos, audiobooks, podcasts and videos - and instead of a cap of 8 GB, you could go up to a couple terrabytes.

You can also of course use it as a phone - how common of you though ...

With some hacking, it can probably read emails to you and to take it further - start a mini broadcast while your rollng slowly down the highway - you can create your own mini radio/podcast station - and others can wifi to access your live "I'm stuck in traffic' blog.

Think BIG!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is big and I LOVE IT! :)

6:37 PM

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