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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yes, OSX Already Runs on a PC - It's called a MINI

Running Windows on a Mac is really like the cousin who gets out of jail every 5 years - whoop, there he is! It's ALWAYS been there and keeps coming back.

Every since Macs got an expansion card with the Mac II's - we have had many choices to run DOS/Windows. There were 3rd party NuBus cards with an Intel chip on it, we've had Virtual PC software emulation (or some other choices) software since forever ... We've even had a choice of buying Macs directly from Apple with an Intel chip on a second card as an add-on feature.

http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_performa/stats/mac_performa_640cd. html

So, while we've had the emulation as the only choice for several years, the fact that Apple has sanctioned an official approach is not really that big of a deal. Yes, it's nice, much faster and certainly the price is right now. Instead of having to shell out $200+, you get it for free and when it's folded into 10.5 Leopard, it'll be part of the OS - that is new. But that's the other story.

But still, dunderhead people cry out for OSX on a non-Apple PC.

You obviously have not noticed.

Apple already sells such a machine - it's called a MINI!

Perhaps you have heard of it.

3 lbs and about the size of 4 paperback books.

Bring your PC monitor, keyboard and mouse. Plug it in. Reboot. Load BOOT CAMP. Load XP. Done. For a little more than the PC you would already buy.

For now, you do have to reboot to get to OSX but presumably that will change in 10.5.

So, how is that different?

From SystemShootouts.org, a comparable PC in a mini form costs about $9 more than the Mac Mini when specs are essentially the same (not including anything approaching iLife, of course):


So, why not just buy the Mac anyway since you're actually saving $9 plus iLife for "free" and discounting the fact you don't have to buy a $100 a year virii protection package?

If OSX ran on a PC, wouldn't you have to buy OSX for around $130 and even if Apple were benevolent enough to sell you iLife at $79 so ...

Mac Mini + Windows XP @ $599 + $200 = $799 PC mini + OSX & iLife @$608+$139+$79 = $826

Um, what exactly is the point again?

EVEN if the Mac carried the $26 premium, what would be the prudent choice - a AOpen Pandora Mini PC or an Apple Mac Mini?

Never mind it's actually $26 cheaper to choose the Mac?

PC users ready to test-drive a Mac can do so easily at their next purchasing choice junction by not only saving $26 and buying a computer that even most PC users will concede is world class in design and build AND being able to run TWO OSes at FULL SPEED or choose a rather obscure brand that runs one OS?

What about just selling OSX on a PC? What would Apple have to gain? Not much. How many phone calls does MS get when people are trying to install or upgrade WinXP? How many phone calls will Apple get from people trying to install OSX & iLife? How much of the revenue from OSX will be wiped out by tech support or Apple genius bars being flooded with people?

So how much should OSX for PC and iLife for PC's really be priced? $199 for each? In that case, why not just have people buy a Mac Mini and save everyone a lot of grief?

When Apple was only selling machines at $1,500 to $2,000 - okay, I could see where they might sell an OSX for PC at $299 or something but when a Mini costs $599 INCLUDING the cost of OSX & iLife - that's not worth $100 or more accurately $200 more? So aren't you getting a Mac Mini at $399 plus OSX & iLife? Is that really so bad and tragic? If you miss the beige so much, bring that Montgomery Ward monitor* and $.99 store keyboard & mouse ...

AND NOW, the ability to run WinXP also? (Though you do need to spend another $200 but as the chart shows above) You end up in exactly the same place for about EXACTLY the same price?

What more do you want? Why not just buy the Mac Mini?

*Yes, I know MontyWards is gone but I'm sure someone out there still has a monitor working away :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But still, dunderhead people cry out for OSX on a non-Apple PC.

You obviously have not noticed.

Apple already sells such a machine - it's called a MINI!"

It's actually called a Mac Mini, but my point of leaving this comment was to ask, what a contradictory few sentences.

A Mac Mini is not a non-Apple PC, it is an Apple PC. Silleh.

11:01 AM

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