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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Why Apple Intel Macs are Coming in January

While we have no privilieged info, it's puzzling why people would not believe the rumors - it seems very logical.

First, Steve Jobs admited they'd been building a x86 version of EVERYTHING Apple has been working on in the past 4-5 years so they were virtually ready to go.

They simply had to come out and explain everything publically so all the other developers could start working on tweaking or completely re-writing their software code and of course, prepare us for the coming change so people could make informed decisions - buy a Mac now for the software you already own or be on the leading edge at the transition for all the good & the bad.

Add one other factor - over the holidays, it's gift buying season (for self or for others) and not the time to explain the transition to 'average' shoppers. After using a PC lo these many years, they just want something that works. It matters little what chip is inside to iMac and iBook buyers - can I surf the net? do photos, video, write some short notes, print and email?

It also makes perfect sense to announce a target date and deliver BEFORE that day arrives.

Some people also wonder why the announcement after holidays/December?

Nevermind that MacWorld has been running for 20+ years in SF - almost always in January (one year, it was moved to early Spring) and it works because there a PR/tech news lull after the holidays ... and now, it slots in there with CES.

Another reason January works because unlike people working in a garage, you can't just announce a product before the holidays and have it in the stores in mid-November. To manufactur and ship it - unless it's real small, light and costly - you generally want to go by ship adding another month to your timetable ... so when Apple wants to announce something for the holidays, they might use their summer platforms like MacWorld Tokyo/Paris or like the recent Photo show but when they want a clean slate PR (new year! new toys!) after the frenzy of the holidays and not to squeeze it into the artifical year-end buying season, January gives them and everyone a whole new year to target, ship and sell.


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